3 Ways To Grow Your Business With The Instagram Small Business Sticker Right Now

The Covid-19 is ravaging small businesses all over the world. Ghana is no different. To help; Instagram introduced a ...

The Covid-19 is ravaging small businesses all over the world. Ghana is no different. You probably know a small business that has gone under because of the virus. To help; Instagram introduced a nifty new sticker called “Instagram Small Business Sticker”. Small businesses need all the help they can get at this time and this sticker — in a period where everyone is looking for any way to help — is the perfect way to get people more engaged in promoting small businesses around them for free.

If you updated your Instagram in the last few days, you already have the sticker. To find it:  

  1. Begin posting a new Instagram story
  2. Swipe up to see the list of Instagram stickers.
  3. Select “support small business.”
  4. Type in the name of the brand you want to tag and voila!

As a business owner, how can you leverage this new tool? The truth is, people are using the new feature in drove already, and Instagram is directing a lot of organic social media engagement towards people who do so. For instance, every few hours, Instagram curates a list of featured businesses with the tag on the explore page. If you get on this trend, it will be a trusted freight towards relevance in this period.

#1. Encourage your followers to use the sticker

As a brand on Instagram, now is the perfect time to engage your audience to use this sticker to support your brand. You could come up with a giveaway for followers who consistently use the sticker feature. This sort of tactic has a high viral coefficient; every one of your brand followers can potentially reach thousands of people. Eventually, it will lead to an influx of people who will end up patronizing your products. That’s a win in our book.

#2. Repost whenever you’re tagged

The “support small business” sticker sends you a notification whenever your brand is tagged. To use this to your advantage; make sure you repost those tags. Why? Because that’s engagement and the Instagram algorithm loves engagement. The more you engage, the more your posts are pushed out to people on the explore page. Trust us; you want to be on the explore page.

#3. Self-promotion

Use the feature yourself as a brand. The input shouldn’t come from your audience alone. Use the new sticker feature yourself in your stories. One way to do this is to use the power of storytelling to draw attention to your brand. Post some ‘behind the scenes’ and use the tag. That way, you’re building a connection between your brand and audience without being spammy. Make use of user-generated content like reviews, mentions and testimonials in your stories alongside the sticker feature for optimal results.

This feature will be a lifeline to some businesses in Ghana who need the exposure and, it’s generally great thinking from Instagram. It’s refreshing to see individuals and big corporates pulling together in this period to add a bit of sunshine to other people’s lives.

Will you be using this sticker? Tell us how.

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