Verifying your Facebook page; a step-by-step guide

Having a blue tick next to your handle on social media is a big deal. Yes, believe it or not. Blue ticks are a fancy ...

Having a blue tick next to your handle on social media is a big deal. Yes, believe it or not. Blue ticks are a fancy status check to many social media users. It sets a distinction between the mass online audience and social media "stars". It easily helps find brands, celebrities, influencers, and well-known figures across the varying social media platforms.
Account verification on social media does not just happen overnight to our favourite celebrities and brands. They meet certain criteria, apply for it, and then wait to get the blue checkmark. It is a basic social media marketing strategy that puts you on top and makes you stand out from your competitors.
Of course, the process is all-around simple; just answer a few questions, upload a few pictures and modes of identification. The tricky part is providing a reason… which we will get to in due time. As of now, let’s start from the top.

Access the verification request form

Click the Facebook verification request form to fill in the request to be verified. The form asks simple questions that will help the app administrators and managers decide whether your account is worth them verifying or not. Without this application request, there is no other way for users to get verified.

Select a verification type and select the account

You would have to indicate whether or not a business page or a personal profile is what you’d like verified. After which you would need to select the account that you would like verified. This is where you put in the name of the account from a selection in a drop-down menu.

Pick an account category

By selecting a category for your account, you give Facebook administrators a reason to justify an account verification, while also categorizing your account for clients to find easily and for you to come across other similar pages. Some of the options are news, entertainment, music, fashion and government and politics, just to name a few.

Upload identifying documents

As proof of identification and authenticity, Facebook requires a valid government-issued identification form. Also, you would need to attach pictures of yourself as valid proof of identity If it is a business or brand page, you would need to upload proof of ownership of the business with an official business seal or watermark. The documents have to prove the validity of a person or business; if it is a fan account you would need to state that too.

Purpose of verification

This is the tricky part. You have to explicitly state reasons you are seeking verification for an account, while also showing that you can maintain or increase your following in a way that will be of benefit to Facebook and yourself or your business. You could state reasons such as being able to reach out to your followers as an authentic source of information, to filter out fake and old accounts that are no longer valid or in use, and increasing your visibility online for potential followers, fans, and clients.

Mention other accounts on other sites

As a show of good faith, mentioning your other accounts on other sites that are verified could really help your chances. It would prove your authenticity and show that you are well established and committed.

Submit and wait

After filling the form, you might need to wait about 48 hours or longer for a response. Business accounts may take longer to be responded to as it is necessary to properly evaluate a business authenticity to avoid lawsuits and other legal actions against Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Page verification may simply be the tick of endorsement that you need to enable your deals as an influencer to take off and get likely clients or customers for a brand over the end goal. Without a blue tick, customers might be watchful while drawing in with you or your image, particularly if there are other informal records or similar accounts that may create turmoil.
The steps to getting verified are pretty simple but for complete success, you would need to make sure all required documents are ready at hand and up to date.

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