9 Questions To Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency, 8th One Will Amaze Them!

Before I started Focus PPC, I worked on the client-side for several years. A marketing career that took me from France...

Before I started Focus PPC, I worked on the client-side for several years. A marketing career that took me from France to Australia, to Nigeria, and then UAE has exposed me to important ideas around which questions to ask your digital marketing agency to make sure you select the one.  Digital marketing is complicated.

A lot of the times; there is more you don’t understand about the inner workings of your campaign even as an experienced marketer yourself. Ideas around ad fraud avoidance, ad scheduling, retargeting, custom-audiences, rich media ads, inventory costs, etc are constantly changing. If you recruited the wrong digital marketing agency, you may end up with more work and lost time budget than you bargained for.

There is no one way to know if an agency is perfect just from their pitch and case studies. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the agency execs to make sure you select the best agency based on the information available to you:

#1. What is the corporate culture of the agency?

The core values of an agency are the bedrock on which your company will be nurtured. In hiring the services of an agency, you want to hire the one that has values you agree with, such as transparency and accountability. Find out more about their team dynamics by checking out what employees are saying about them.

#2. How are results generated?

Go into details with your potential agency; finding the means through which they plan to get results for you. They need to be accountable for every step taken and every decision made. They should have a plan for how to navigate bumps that may hinder your results amongst others.

#3. Can they work with the size of your business?

One of the most important things to find out when scouting for an agency is to know if they are the perfect fit for your company size. If the client base of the agency is local with limited experience working for international brands, you may want to reconsider working with them if yours is an international corporation. In this case, it’s better to work with an agency that is more experienced in working with a company like yours.

#4. What kind of strategies do they provide?

A good agency adapts to the unique needs of every company they get on board with. The agency understands the goals of the company and creates strategies that work effectively with individual brand goals. To what extent are they able to combine different channels and tactics to achieve your business goals? If the time comes when they will have to forgo their standard strategies to tailor one to the needs of your company, they must be willing to do just that.

#5. What are their clients saying about them?

Are there testimonials about them? What is being said? Does it reflect what they have presented to you? Are these people you want to handle your business?

#6. Are they tactical?

Agencies can come up with good strategies but lack the tact to execute. The best agency to engage is an agency that is both strategic and tactical. They should provide timelines within which work would be done as well as have their eyes still fixed on the overall goal.

#7. What are their credentials?

Credentials act as the indicator of an agency’s quality. These credentials should have been bestowed by a credible third-party that can guarantee that the agency knows what it is about. If the given credential has, the level at which your agency is should be taken into consideration.

#8. Do they work with data?

Every agency that provides best-in-class service to its client is obsessed with performance data. They are able to interpret and analyze data so they can strategize off the back of real insight. Focus PPC is a data-led business and this has helped us focus on ideas that improve the bottom line as opposed to just getting impressions and likes.

#9. How often do they communicate?

The agency should do their best to keep their client in the loop, even if it has to be weekly unless the client opts for a different kind of plan.

The best kind of agency for you is one that is dynamic enough to serve you exactly what they need.

I hope these are helpful? Talk to me in the comments.

El Hadj has over 10 years of experience. Addicted to online marketing and especially PPC management.